Wonderful things happen at Lincoln every day!

Stay up to date by:

  1. Checking out the District Calendar. Available electronically here.
  2. Checking out the Lincoln Calendar. Available electronically here.
  3. Signing up at A to Z Connect to receive our weekly newsletter and calendar updates via e-mail. On Sunday evenings, we send out a Weekly Calendar and Weekly Announcements email to those who are in A to Z Connect. This email is a great way to stay in the loop as it includes announcements from Lincoln, the school district, and the community. We also include updates or changes to the published calendar as they come up. To sign up at A to Z Connect, please use the link in the email sent to all families in late August or go to the following link at A to Z Connect. If you have questions, please contact the PTA Membership & Directory chairperson at lincolnawesomeabespta@gmail.com.
  4. Checking the backpack! The PTA sends home occasional flyers in your child’s backpack announcing various school events, activities and requests for volunteers. Check it every night. NOTE: We do not provide hardcopies of our weekly newsletter. You must sign up for the emails to receive them.
  5. Joining the PTA and come to our meetings! Details regarding joining the PTA, attending meetings, and volunteering are available on our Participate page.
  6. Finally, for news, event recaps, and photos, check out the news on the Lincoln Home Page and Mr. Kitsko's blog which also has links to his weekly newsletter.

If you have questions, please contact the Corresponding Secretary at lincolnawesomeabespta@gmail.com.

Please note that Mt. Lebanon School District utilizes a separate email communications tool, Dashboard. Families are automatically signed up for Dashboard, but must sign up for Lincoln PTA's email list separately as described above. Questions about Dashboard and the information you can find on dashboard, how to set up your account, etc. should be addressed to the school.